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  • Band for Life - Part 17

    The second major story line of Band For Life seems to be starting now. Renato is with some new lady and thinking about when he first met the singer of his band—back when they were working at a vitamin shop or something.

  • Band for Life - Part 16

    Guntit have performed their first show. Now they're basking in the idiotic praise of their newfound fans.

  • Band for Life - Part 15

    Band for Life is a candy-colored comic about a rock band of ne'er-do-wells called Guntit and their attempts to keep it together. In this episode, Guntit's performance turns unsurprisingly violent, and Linda has to whomp some people.

  • Band for Life - Part 14

    Band for Life tells the fantastic tale of the trials and tribulations of a rock band called Guntit. In the last episode the drummer was too drunk to drum. Will she get it together this week? Sort of!

  • Band for Life - Part 13

    When we left the band last week Animal was off getting hammered with some asshole named Kieth who works down at the marina. Will she be able to sober up in time to play her first show?

  • Band for Life - Part 12

    Guntit is loading in for their set at Club Scrotum, but again—Animal is nowhere to be found. Will she turn up before the band's soundcheck?