• This Is Your Last Chance to Eat Salad This Year

    We know you're about to be buried face-deep in candies and bûche de Noël, so take a moment to remember your vegetables with this salad from Yotam Ottolenghi.

  • Manchester’s Best Cider Comes From the City's 'Dodgiest' Area

    When Dan Hasler said he wanted to start making cider in the once "dodgy" area of Moss Side, people laughed. Now “Moss Cider” is made with apples donated from the local community and sold in bars across the city.

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    Passersby rarely take note of them, but there are wild fruit trees growing all over New York City. I joined a cider-maker and a sommelier to forage for found fruit in the parks of upper Manhattan, which we'll press and ferment into booze.

  • New England Wants to Be the Bordeaux of Cider-Making

    “If our cider’s any good, it’s because we don’t know what the hell we’re doing,” says Stephen Wood of New Hampshire's Farnum Hill Ciders. And it's that kind of approach that is setting his cider apart from the sweet stuff that's been taking over beer...

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