art photography

  • 'MATTE' Magazine Presents Hobbes Ginsberg

    Hobbes is a 20-year-old Los Angeles self-portrait photographer who doesn't want to make a big deal about their gender, but prefers the pronouns she or they.

  • 'MATTE' Magazine Presents Pixy (Yijun Liao)

    Issue 28 of MATTE magazine features photos by New York-based artist Pixy (Yijun Liao) from the series Experimental Relationship, which challenges preconceived notions of heterosexual relationships

  • 'MATTE' Magazine Presents Ben McNutt

    Check out Baltimore artist Ben McNutt's queer perspective on wrestling in issue 24 of 'MATTE' magazine, available now.

  • Rory Mulligan: Sam I Am

    A new series of photos explore violence and masculinity in the Hudson River Valley through revisiting sites of horrible crimes committed by men.

  • It's a Godlis World: Early Photos of Punk Rock After Dark

    There were six or seven photographers present at the birth of punk, but there will only ever be one Godlis. That's right—I shit you not—we're talking about a punk photographer whose surname is actually Godlis.

  • My Dad the Bodybuilder

    VICE interviews NYC photographer Aneta Bartos and her father, Zbigniew, about the relationship of artist to subject.