barrett brown

  • Reading 'Born Again' in Jail

    I’ve spent the last year or so in a federal lock-up awaiting trial on charges that have been duly analyzed elsewhere. Long story short: I’m facing decades in prison...

  • The Government Wants the Media to Stop Covering Barrett Brown

    Barrett Brown has been sitting in prison, without trial, for almost a year. In case you haven’t followed his case, the 31-year-old journalist is facing a century of prison time for sharing a link that contained, within an archive of 5 million emails...

  • This Is a Defining Year for WikiLeaks

    WikiLeaks is now established as the go-to organization for those who have something secret they want the world to know or who hear the footsteps of intelligence agencies behind them. What does its future look like?

  • The U.S. Government Is Suing Barrett Brown's Intelligence Research Site

    ProjectPM has served as an online monument to Brown’s work that has survived beyond his isolation from the real world. If the Department of Justice succeeds in taking the Wiki down, that all may be lost.

  • We Spoke to Barrett Brown from Prison

    Last night, news broke that Barrett Brown's mother pled guilty to a charge of obstructing evidence. A few weeks ago, we spoke to the journalist and Anonymous associate who is now facing a potential 100-year sentence in prison.

  • The Reuters Journalist Who Played with Anonymous and Got Burned

    The internet is collectively freaking out over Matthew Keys, the Reuters deputy social media editor, who is facing 25 years in jail for very unclear tech-crime charges. His alleged ties with Anonymous have gotten him in a lot of trouble, but is a...

  • Why Is Barrett Brown Facing 100 Years in Prison?

    Barrett Brown is commonly and paradoxically known as the face of Anonymous, but he's also an investigative journalist who is up on charges that could land him 100 years in prison. We took a look at why.