• The Hangover News

    This weekend, a man was jailed for getting all kinds of fucked up, borrowing his friend's special constable uniform and going "on patrol" around County Durham.

  • The Islamic State’s War on Magic

    Earlier this month, a street performer known as "Sorcerer" was beheaded by militants. Why are these extremists so angry at sleight-of-hand artists?

  • The Hangover News

    This weekend, a crowd of 500 people stopped bailiffs from evicting a man with cancer, and UKIP's chairman told a bunch of people that his party stands by bigots.

  • Man Who Filmed Woman's Public Beheading in Saudi Arabia Reportedly Arrested

    The man is said to have filmed the beheading last week, which circulated on social media and drew criticism from human rights activists.

  • Has the United States Run Out of Ways to Make the Death Penalty More Humane?

    As lethal injection drugs become harder to get, lawmakers are struggling to come up with humane alternatives for death row inmates.

  • The Hangover News

    This weekend, a load of Dutch people went out in blackface for the annual "Black Pete" celebrations. Weirdly, this didn't go down too well with everyone.