Best of 2014

  • Best Of 2014: Old People Still Know More Than We Do

    We like to think that we can learn a lot more from our elders, and this year we surely did. We met the foul-mouthed godfather of ceviche in Peru, the official witch of Salem (and her chicken soup), and the guy who literally wrote the book on North...

  • Best of 2014: Weird Shit

    A Dutch girl band filmed themselves orgasming while singing and some other shit.

  • Best Of 2014: A Year of Fucked-Up Food News

    This year, we learned that many of our favorite things to eat—fish, oysters, chicken, bananas, and shrimp, among other delicacies—are contaminated, disease-stricken, or dying off It was a bleak year for food news.

  • Best of 2014: Interviews

    A compilation of the best things people who don't work for Noisey have said.

  • Best of 2014: Rock

    Rock music has always had a turbulent relationship with the mainstream, but various things happened this year that indicated a change in public perception towards the genre.

  • [Best of 2014] The Year in Selfies

    2014 was a front-facing year for selfies.