blood sausage

  • How to Drink Vodka Like the Polish

    How is it that Polish people are seemingly able to drink liters of vodka in a single sitting, and yet it never comes back to bite them in the ass the next morning? In a word: experience.

  • Eating Blood Shouldn't Curdle Yours

    Eating blood leads to collective gasps of horror. But why? Is the process too confrontational? Is the intense flavor too much for the average tastebuds to handle? Cooking with it is making a comeback in the kitchen—or at least on the dessert plate.

  • Tolosa Black Beans with Chilies, Morcilla, and Cabbage Recipe

    Beans really are the magical fruit (or legume, really) in this simple but delicious recipe from Roberto Ruiz, head chef of El Fronton in Tolosa.

  • The Artful Slaughter Begins with a Rub Behind the Ears

    Last weekend, I joined a bunch of chefs in Cornwall, England, at the behest of Tom Adams, Pitt Cue Co.'s owner and Mangalitsa lover to learn how to kill the Rolls Royce of pigs from the Austrian porcine authority, Christoph Wiesner.

  • From Bad to Wurst: The Real Story of German Deli Meats

    If you do your meat shopping at supermarket deli counters, German food does look disgustingly sad. But the best Wurst is being made elsewhere in Berlin by small-scale producers that turn out blood sausage and head cheese to die for.