bob odenkirk

  • Hopelessness

    Bob Odenkirk breaks down the word "hopelessness" in this depressing-ass poem that should be handed out to college students on class registration day. Because with a degree in something like embroidery, you'll be spending the rest of your life wallowing...

  • Tell Us About Your Tats!

    Every tattoo tells a story and has a story—that’s two stories per tat! So every month we stop someone on the street and ask them to “tell us ’bout them tats!” This month we stopped Gordon Penniweather in Park Slope, and he filled us in on the story...

  • Digital Superstars Summer Fest 2012

    Tupac at Coachella was just the beginning! This summer, the greats of hip-hop and history come to liz-ife! Onstage, the OGs of all-time.

  • A Misbegotten Traipsing

    Sherlock Holmes was really a trigger-happy neighborhood watch member, kind of like George Zimmerman with an obnoxious accent.

  • Watch Bob Odenkirk's New Show About Hollyweird

    A while back VICE contributor, hot-shit "Breaking Bad" star, and cornerstone of modern comedy writing Bob Odenkirk pitched a show to Adult Swim. This is it.