bok choy

  • Easy Pickled Bok Choy Recipe

    Crunchy and slightly sweet, these pickles are awesome on their own or piled high on a sandwich.

  • Easy Bok Choy Salad Recipe

    A combination of cooked stems and crisp leaves gives this simple salad all the feels.

  • Feasting with the Dead in the Mountains of China

    I visited a remote village in China's Anhui Province to take part in celebrations of the deceased, all of which revolved around massive spreads of delicious, locally sourced food.

  • Charred Yu Choy Recipe

    For this recipe I used young yu choy, but you can also use baby bok choy or baby mustard greens. You can also substitute in a regular hard boiled egg and store-bought mayo to cut back on prep time.

  • Nine Inch Nails and Philip Glass Inspired My Mission Chinese Menu

    Drafting a good menu doesn't just happen. For the new Mission Chinese space in Manhattan, I dreamed up a new dish of wood-fired greens—with a little help from Trent Reznor and Philip Glass.