• T. Kid's Amazing Bongs

    One perk of writing this column is getting free stuff from time to time. The best free items were the bongs that arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. As I placed my gorgeous new pipes on my shelf, I remembered some of the glass that came and went over...

  • Why Is Justin Trudeau's Marijuana Misadventure Newsworthy?

    Even though Justin has been parading around praising marijuana and asking for its decriminalization, the “news” that he enjoys the chronic leaf appeared to come as a surprise to all sorts of easily surprised individuals.

  • 3D Printing Is Getting Stoned

    Kind makers are forgoing the patchouli-vibes of the token head shop, exchanging specs for what any sly, self-respecting stoner will tell you are essentials in the tacklebox of life.

  • Stoner Fashion Decisions

    Fashion week happens year round in major cities around the world, but in New York, it doesn’t just happen. It descends upon us. During these times, I avoid the hoopla of celebrity DJs and promotional vodka for the simpler pastime of getting rip-roaring...

  • New Horizons

    It's funny how just when you think you've run out of new fantasies you see a porno like Bongwater Butt Babes.