Bounty Hunter

  • What I Learned about Style from Angel Haze’s “Echelon (It's My Way)”

    Using tatted-up and scarred guys as accessories probably only works when you’re a female rapper who spits fire this hot.

  • Killers of Serpents

    Justin's mission is to kill Burmese pythons, which can grow as long as 20 feet. He is one of 1,400 people who have signed up to hunt, shoot, and decapitate as many of the snakes as they can in a month as part of Florida’s first-ever Python Challenge.

  • Meet Carl Tanner: Bounty Hunter, Trucker, Operatic Tenor

    He packed a sawed-off shotgun back in his bounty hunting days and carried it right out in front so everyone could see. Under his black leather jacket was a 9mm Beretta, and on his ankle a .25, just in case. “I was in my late 20s,” Carl Tanner began. He...