Brett Gelman

  • “The Story of Oh Donna”

    Listen to the long-lost classic “The Story of Oh Donna,” by the completely anonymous white 80s hip-hop artist Rat Tail, whose current whereabouts are unknown. We discovered this track a year ago on a cassette tape that was wrapped in a ball of human...

  • An Interview with Janicza Bravo and Brett Gelman About 'Eat!'

    Here's a little behind-the-scenes interview about how Eat! came to be with director Janicza Bravo and actor Brett Gelman.

  • 'Eat!' by Janicza Bravo

    After getting locked out of her apartment, a young woman finds herself in the company of a strange and lonely neighbor. Eat! is a short film directed by Janicza Bravo and starring Brett Gelman and Katherine Waterston.

  • "Motorola Queen"

    Here are the lyrics to the long-lost classic “Motorola Queen” by the completely unknown white 80s hip-hop artist, Rat Tail, whose current whereabouts are unknown. It was transcribed from a cassette tape discovered last November, wrapped in a ball of...

  • Listen to Rat Tail's Debut Single "Introducing Rat Tail"

    Earlier this month, we shared with you the lyrics to the mysterious rapper Rat Tail's lost classic "Introducing Rat Tail." Today Rat Tail's whereabouts are unknown, but his music lives on. Thanks to us, you can stream the legendary rapper's debut track...

  • A Chat with Janicza Bravo (and Brett Gelman) About Her New Short Starring Michael Cera in a Wheelchair

    Janicza’s new short 'Gregory Go Boom' stars Michael Cera as a wheelchair-bound dorkface and Brett Gelman as his older degenerate brother. It’s funny and slightly depressing, and you can watch the whole thing here. A couple weeks back I chatted with J&B...

  • Laugh Pig Laugh

    Two hours later: Regret. So much regret. There’s blood all over me. Not my blood. Chicken blood, or so they say. I don’t know where anyone gets all this chicken blood from, and the whole enterprise is definitely far from kosher.

  • Dirty Laundry

    This one’s difficult. Used to be my best friend. My mentor, really. Taught me everything I know about the business. Helped me get my first assistant’s job with Billy Wilder. Then the white dragon set him on fire. And before I knew it, I was his own...

  • White Lie/Black Fly

    Goddamn method actors. I hired one to do this sci-fi flick I’m producing called "White Lie/Black Fly." The crew tells me the actress has been crawling up walls, jumping on people, and even eating caca. She’s gotta tone it down or we’re going to have 5...