bruce labruce

  • My Cuban Holiday - Part II

    Although the Cuban communist system has opened up significantly in the past decade or so, there's still a residual suspicion of foreigners being granted too much access to certain areas of the city.

  • The Golden Globules

    Awards season is well on its way to using up any spare oxygen left in Los Angeles.

  • Art AIDS

    The loose thread I want to tie up is Warhol, or, more precisely, the Warhol Virus, or even more precisely, the Gay Warhol Zombie Virus. Let's just call it Art AIDS.

  • Self-Referential and Still Missing the Point

    In Banksy's "emotional potboiler," the painted elephant in the room is not the elephant in the room.

  • My Mini VICE Photo Issue

    CHRISTmas really brings out the worst in people: crass materialism, obsessive consumerism, phony cheer and good will, excessive drinking and eating, religious fundamentalism, etc.

  • My Favorite Tattoos

    If you must get a tattoo--and really, most people absolutely shouldn't--be sure to get one that you know in your heart, some distant day in the future, you will really, really regret.