bulletproof coffee

  • MUNCHIES Presents: The World of Dave Asprey

    Dave Asprey—the creator of Bulletproof Coffee and author of The Bulletproof Diet—has spent over $300,000 to hack his own biology. Our host Max Lugavere heads to Dave's biohacking facility outside of Victoria, BC.

  • The Bulletproof Coffee Guy Wants Us to Drink Oily Water Now

    Dave Asprey, the health guru who had us spooning butter into our coffee in the hope of improving focus and energy levels, has announced another unusual beverage: a mix of water and oil called "FATwater."

  • Should You Be Eating LSD for Breakfast?

    Who needs coffee when you can start your day with powerful hallucinogens?

  • Best Of 2014: Our Favorite High-Caffeine Stories

    From cupping Guy Fieri's beans to having a coffee talk with the esteemed David Lynch, here are a few of our favorite high-octane coffee stories of 2014.

  • I Drank Cannabis Coffee with Seattle Baristas

    I visited a self-described "lifestyle boutique" in Seattle to sample weed-infused bulletproof coffee, a beverage that baristas assured me would "offset caffeine with just a little bit of THC" to achieve a synergistic effect.

  • Coffee Beans Have Their Own Class System

    Robusta coffee beans have been dogged by deep, long-standing prejudice in the java industry. One London company is hoping to spearhead a revival because global warming and increased international demand means quality coffee supplies can't come from...