• A Bottle of Wine Changed My Life

    The bottle was ten years old and mind-boggling upon taste. It was a life-changing moment that influenced me to set out on a quest to understand more about wine. What has resulted is an entire career path and a lot of trips to Burgundy.

  • Photos of My Grandfather Dying

    Earlier this year, my mother's father died of cancer. It was the first time someone in my family was going to die, and since I had a hard time dealing with the imminence of death, I decided to document the final months of his life.

  • A Wine Scammer Just Got Ten Years in Prison for Duping the Rich

    For years, Rudy Kurniawan tricked wealthy oenophiles into buying counterfeit wine—sometimes charging several million dollars for a single bottle. But now he's going to jail for a very, very long time.