Burmese food

  • Nation of Immigrants: Fleeing Burma for Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Fractured along ethnic lines and decimated by an interminable civil war, many of Burma's refugees have landed in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where they've opened grocery stores and restaurants to make a living.

  • This Burmese Chef Doesn’t Care If His Tea Leaf Salad Tastes Like Your Grandma's

    When you mix it all up—along with its traditional dressing made from lime juice, garlic oil, and fish sauce—the extremely delicious, traditional dish is a study in textures and the small Southeast Asian country’s geographic culture.

  • Myanmar Is Powered by Peanuts

    Myanmar might not be the cultural home to the peanut butter sandwich, the peanut is still king here. After all, this is a place where you can get a chicken curry drowned in oil and salads showered in Elvis's favorite legume.

  • Taking the Machismo and MSG Out of Myanmar's Tea Shops

    Tiny cups of sweet tea, MSG-laced dishes, and underaged waiters are the backbone of traditional Burmese tea shops, but Rangoon Tea House in Yangon is trying to change that with delicious food and a more welcoming atmosphere.