Burns Night

  • Meet the Bartender Making Buckfast Negronis

    “Buckfast has nice tannins and it’s fruity so it makes a valid substitute for red vermouth,” says Glaswegian cocktail pro Stu Bale. “But it does get you pretty fucked up if you drink a lot of it.”

  • Robert Burns Was a Secret Cheesemaker

    Robert Burns, the great Scotsman who revolutionised Romantic poetry and whose memory we celebrate on Burns Night, had a sideline in cheesemaking on a farm near Dumfries.

  • How I Brought Black Market Haggis to Four Different Countries

    After it’s paraded around the room to the accompaniment of bagpipes, an ode is recited to this giant sheep sausage. Then it’s stabbed and ripped open to reveal its warm, reeking, and rich innards. It’s perhaps the most iconic of offal dishes, the great...