Canadian Music

  • Rich Kidd In Iqaluit, Nunavut

    We took one of our favourite rapper-producers Rich Kidd to one of Canada's most magical cities, Iqaluit, where he met with local throat singers, a clothing designer, and performed at a party in a yurt tent in the middle of nowhere.

  • Tripping Out: Trailer

    We're a week away from the premiere of our newest series, Tripping Out, which sees us take our favourite Canadian artists to some of the country's best off-the-beaten path arts communities.

  • People Hating on Tanya Tagaq’s ‘Fuck PETA’ Polaris Speech Are Missing the Point

    We interviewed 2014 Polaris Music Prize winner Tanya Tagaq about why ending her acceptance speech with "Fuck PETA!" shouldn't be the dominant narrative about that night.

  • The Canadian Music Industry Wants to Censor Google Searches

    If you believe the chief lobbyist for the music industry in Canada, it's a sad fact of life that honest, hard-working Canadian artists just aren't making money anymore because of all the illegal downloading and the Google. Is this true? No. Is it a...

  • The Canadian Government Wants to Rob Touring Bands of their Cash

    Brand new legislation that's been introduced by the Canadian government will now force exorbitant fees onto touring bands who want to play in Canada. This is a serious bummer for the future of independent music in Canada.

  • Meet Taiwan, Canada's Biggest David Lynch Freaks

    Over the years, Edmonton experimentalist Philip Dickau has traversed the sonic spaceways from harsh noise, to ambience, to overloaded electronics.