• Hold Onto Your Bowels, There's a Salmonella Chia Seed Outbreak

    This month’s latest food-poisoning outbreak that’s sweeping North America isn't being pinned on shoddy restaurant hygiene practices.

  • If You're Going to Hack Domino's, Don't Do This

    A group of hackers known as Rex Mundi have done the unthinkable: They've infiltrated the accounts of over 600,000 Domino's pizza customers and are holding the customer data as ransom.

  • The Fate of Mankind's Libido Depends on the Health of Oysters

    The Earth’s oceans have been absorbing massive amounts of gasses released by burning fossil fuels, and the resulting acidification of seawater is threatening one of mankind’s most popular aphrodisiacs: oysters.

  • Syria Is Starving

    The Syrian crisis has unleashed what aid organizations are describing as the biggest humanitarian catastrophe they have ever seen. With a troublesome combination of drought, starvation tactics from the Syrian regime, and skyrocketing food prices, the...

  • The Worst Food-Safety Disasters Ever

    Last week, the USDA put out a Class I recall notice on 8.7 million pounds of beef from one of Hot Pockets' primary suppliers. This week we look at some of the most horrible and disgusting food recalls we've ever heard about.

  • Farting Cows Blew Up a Shed with Their Gas

    Human meat-consumption demands are so high that methane from cow farts is destroying the atmosphere and setting barns ablaze. Cow flatulence is more detrimental than cars or carbon dioxide. One scientist thinks vegetarianism is the only way to reduce...

  • The Prawn Goodbye

    The average American consumes almost four pounds of shrimp a year—three times as much as they did 30 years ago and far more than any other seafood product. Now, a mysterious plague is wiping these little critters out, and there's very little we...

  • There's Still Time to Stop the Fish Apocalypse

    In 2006, marine biologist Boris Worm projected that the global fish apocalypse would occur in 2048. I checked in with him to see if he still believes that the fate of the world’s seafood supply is totally screwed.

  • Stop Whining Because a Cronut Burger Made You Sick

    If you haven’t already heard, over a dozen people contracted food poisoning—some got it so bad they even wound up in the hospital—from Toronto’s sloppy ol’ CNE. Give me a fucking break.

  • Examining the Aftermath of Lac Mégantic

    With the death toll at 50, and a class-action against Montreal, Maine & Atlantic building, Joel Balsam examines the aftermath of the Lac Mégantic tragedy.

  • Dodging Water Cannons and Sound Bombs at Israel's Catastrophe Day

    I arrived in Jerusalem on Nakba Day. Nakba (a word that translates as "catastrophe") Day commemorates the 750,000 Palestinians who were forced from their homes when Israel became a state in 1948. I expected shit to get wild, but the speed with which...

  • Global Food Poisoning in Italy

    Bra is the sort of town where old women really do wear all black to signify their widowhood and where the stores are closed for three, sometimes four, hours every afternoon. I went there to study Piedmontese regional food culture but instead found a...