Chef's Night Out: Brooklyn

  • Chef's Night Out: Walter's

    We went out with Walter Foods owners Dylan Dodd and Danny Minch and a few friends for sushi, Italian, bourbon, tequila, and meatball sandwiches.

  • Chef's Night Out: Best Pizza

    We follow delivery man Bill Meier and Best Pizza's owner, Frank Pinello, as they eat some of Brooklyn's, well, best pizza.

  • Chef's Night Out: Emma Hearst

    Sorella serves some of the most decadent Italian food in New York, and they are completely unapologetic about it.

  • Chef's Night Out: Battersby

    The chef-owners of the intimate Brooklyn eatery, take their jobs very seriously. They also take drinking Fernet Branca very seriously.

  • Chef's Night Out: Dale Talde

    Dale and his business partners John Bush and Dave Missoni set out on a quest to show you that there is no need to cross into Manhattan to quench your desire for late-night feasting.