Chef's Night Out Season 4

  • Chef's Night Out: Night + Market Song

    We hit the streets of Los Angeles with Kris Yenbamroong of Night +Market Song, getting blitzed on mezcal at Bar Amá, slurping nature’s aphrodisiac at L&E Oyster Bar, and dive-bombing Cheetahs’ stage with bills

  • Chef's Night Out: Jamie Bissonnette of Toro NYC

    Jamie Bissonnette of Toro NYC takes us out for a wild night in the city, starting with gin and tonics and devolving into "stuntman shots," with delicious eats along the way.

  • Chef's Night Out: Sean John of Spur Tree

    Sean John brings out his 60-year-old chef Victor—who almost never drinks—for piña coladas, trout, brisket fried rice, and oyster shooters in the Big Apple, before cooking up a feast for guests.

  • Chef's Night Out: Henrique Fogaça of Sal Gastronomia

    We take a food tour of São Paulo with Fogaça and his pals to make dirty jokes, eat tapioca dumplings, hit the bars, and gobble up a bloody ribeye steak at restaurant Arturito.

  • Chef's Night Out: Chuck Hughes of Le Bremner

    Chuck takes us for a wild night in Montreal, starting at Barocco, a rustic cocktail and snack spot, then heading for tropical drinks served in pineapples, and finally a party at his home base.

  • Chef's Night Out: Quino Baca of Brooklyn Star

    Brooklyn Star's Quino Baca and his crew hit their favorite New York spots, from Suzume for kimchi ramen and spam musubi to Chinatown for Peking duck. Then it's back to Brooklyn for late-night snacks.

  • Chef's Night Out: Parker Bowles

    In this episode, Parker Bowles' co-owners Oliver Rother and Quirin Schwanck—together with their friends Michel and Flo from the nightclub Prince Charles—take us out to their favorite food hot spots.

  • Chef's Night Out: Raj Parr

    Host Rajat Parr of The Mina Group takes our taste buds on a journey around the world: grapes from Burgundy, grilled avocados from California, Mexican-inspired kati rolls from India, and 80-year-old apple brandy from Normandy—all in beautiful Santa...

  • Chef's Night Out: District Mot

    We follow Dong Phuong, owner and chef of Vietnamese street food restaurant District Mot, through a multicultural food journey all across Berlin. From chicken feet to Chartreuse cocktails, Phuong knows how to eat and drink his way through a city.

  • Chef's Night Out: Pitt Cue Co.

    Chef and co-owner of London's magnificent barbecue restaurant, Pitt Cue Co., took us on a boozy, boisterous night out that involved burning chopping boards and the appearance of some incredibly questionable late-night television.

  • Chef's Night Out: Shay Ola

    We followed Shay Ola, chef and owner of London's Death By Burrito, to some of his favorite spots around Paris and watched him work with a local chef to create a new ceviche taco.

  • Chef's Night Out: Paladar

    We went out for a night around LA with the Paladar crew, from eating good bar food at Freddy Smalls, drinks at Redwood Bar and Grill, and a MUNCHIES meal of chicken katsu at Bobby's restaurant, Bacaro LA.