chicken feet

  • How to Plan Your Fourth of July BBQ

    Just as our founding fathers were doing some 238 years ago, we’ll all surely be stuffing ourselves with potato chips on this year's July 4th. But here are some alternative suggestions—along with a quick tip or two—that’ll be sure to add a few fireworks...

  • Shanghai's Netizens Want to Prove They Are a Chicken Foot-Littering Woman

    Shanghai’s social media users are frantically searching for a mysterious woman who was filmed getting into a heated argument with several passengers on Shanghai’s Metro Line 2. The woman allegedly discarded pickled chicken feet bones on the subway...

  • Being Bullied About My Lunch Made Me a Better Person

    During elementary school, I brown-bagged all kinds of strange foreign fare that was ripe for targeting by bullies, like pork floss or Haw flakes. My, how the dining tables have turned since then.

  • Painting "Goose Paws" in China Will Get You Thrown in Jail

    A man is on trial in China for painting goose feet and abalone to make them look more appetizing, because it's illegal to serve food with inedible ingredients. Add that to the long, weird, and terrifying list of food scandals to hit the country...