• I Want to Believe in the Coconut Water Hype

    Our obsession with coconuts—their water, flesh, oil and milk—doesn't show any sign of slowing any time soon. But are we right to just be knocking the so-called superfood back without doing some research?

  • Some Athletes Are Trading Meat Protein for Bananas

    The image of vegans as limp-wristed, hemp-wearing sissies is long-gone. Some athletes are now forgoing meat as a protein source altogether, preferring to get their power from plants. We spoke to a world champion freerunner who swapped steaks for ten...

  • Bulletproof Coffee Is Not for the Faint of Heart

    The health and performance enhancing credentials of bulletproof coffee, a.k.a. butter coffee, are impressive. But it's not a concoction to fuck around with—the blend of a strong caffeine hit and saturated fats can have quite the effect on your insides.

  • My Addiction to Eggs Is No Yolking Matter

    Most sentient human beings enjoy eggs. Their versatility, price, and basically foolproof cooking properties make them a cracking (not even sorry!) staple. But here's the thing: I am actually addicted to them.

  • How-To: Make Haggis

    Ben Reade, a native Scotsman and the head of culinary research and development at the Nordic Food Lab, walks us through the labor of lamb love.