• Cuban Cockfights Are Bloody and Violent and Stinky

    We found our seats among the rusted steal poles that wrapped around the arena. Then we sat back hoping to cash in as two cocks ferociously clawed each other to death. If we won, we’d earn roughly 20 cents—a fair day’s wage for a country with an average...

  • Losers in Bali Cockfights End up in the Fryer

    People in Bali don't participate in cockfighting just for the fun; they depend on it for a reliable income. I spent some time with a guy named Dilly, a don in the cockfighting world, and learned about what happens to the sore loser cocks, which...

  • What’s So Bad About Cockfighting Again?

    Obviously, cockfighting is a barbaric blood sport. But is it that big of a problem compared to, say, chicken factory farms? Do we really want to send people to jail for it? And when did America start giving a shit about chickens?

  • Cocks

    I've been photographing fighting roosters since 2000.