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  • Bad Coffee Is Dying a Slow Death in Paris

    Coffee in Paris has been, historically speaking, rather dreadful—a bitter, black brew made from robusta beans. But now new cafés with a passion for good beans are slowly beginning to change French coffee culture for the better.

  • How-To: Make Cold Brew Coffee With Rob Dunne

    Everyone's high on cold brew coffee right now, but here's how to make it like a pro.

  • Chasing Coffee in Ethiopia: Hyenas Give the Best Goodbyes

    At the end of our coffee-sourcing trip in Ethiopia, we drove through the capitol city that had transformed into a sea of saddened World Cup fans. Ethiopia had just lost to Nigeria. Luckily, before our flight home we were introduced to a pack of wild...

  • Chasing Coffee in Ethiopia: Part One

    I work at Sightglass, an independent coffee company in San Francisco. We take dozens of sourcing trips around the world to places where there's a variety of obstacles: political and health issues, to dangerous terrain.