Cro Mags

  • Parris Mayhew Unloads on the History of Cro-Mags

    The former Cro-Mags guitarist is an exceptional shit-talker.

  • Pixote: American Pixação

    Pixote is a graffiti writer based in New York City who employs pixação, a style that was birthed in Brazil's sprawling dilapidated metropolises and characterized by a simple typography that looks like a mixture of windings, nordic runes, and cave...

  • John Joseph of Cro-Mags Has the Craziest Stories Ever

    We talked to the legendary hardcore frontman about his new book, his walking tours, and whatever else he wanted to tell us.

  • Harley Flanagan Says He Was Like a White Mike Tyson at Rikers

    Harley Flanagan, the former Cro-Mags bassist arrested in July for stabbing the new Cro-Mags bassist, arrived with a head of gray hair to his court date Thursday and left with an adjournment. He spoke to Jim Genia about Rikers and MMA.

  • Bloodclot!

    One morning on my way to work, hungover and feeling sorry for myself, I ran into John Joseph, who I knew a little bit through our mutual friends in the hardcore scene in New York.