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  • A Cyber 'Pearl Harbor' Is Coming, Says Leon Panetta

    If you didn't already know it, the United States is in terrible trouble of being hit by a horrible, crippling cyberattack. _The New York Times_ calls it a "dire threat." Defense Secretary Leon Panetta calls it the impending "cyber Pearl Harbor." We don...

  • Want to Buy the Navy's Most Secret Stealth Ship? It's Up for Auction

    With all of the press coverage afforded to struggles to uncover our government's secrets -- like high-profile Freedom of Information Act requests for torture docs -- t's sometimes easy to forget that, occasionally, top secret stuff gets released...

  • The Defense Department Wants to Take Back the Internet

    When the US Department of Defense created the infant network in the late 1950's that that would later become the mega web of cyberspace that we inhabit today, they envisioned it as a useful tool for the government to share information across small...