• Have Animals Declared War On Us?

    For millennia, humans have been wreaking havoc on animals. And now it appears that animals are striking back. So, I interviewed James Donahue, who believes the uptick in animal attacks is an omen to the "end of days."

  • Doomed

    Photos by Bryan Derballa. Styling and Creative Director: Annette Lamothe-Ramos.

  • Twenty-Four Straight Hours of College Basketball Destroyed My Mind

    What happens when a writer tries to watch the first 24 hours of the college hoops season? A lot, turns out.

  • Twenty-Four Straight Hours of College Basketball Destroyed My Mind

    An endless parade of crimson-lipped cheerleaders and reptilian coaches began to bleed together, and all the games merged into a single, massive, all-consuming monstrosity of competition whose sole purpose was to wear me down. Here, in the cruel light...

  • I Went to Syria to Learn How to Be a Journalist

    Sunil Patel had never been published before he decided to go to Syria in August 2012 to become a war correspondent. It was a foolish idea for sure, and he almost died several times during his trip, but we still think his story was worth the risk.

  • Komplaint Dept. - A Date With Death on the Golden Gate Bridge

    It was 75 years ago, today, that Harold Wobber stopped at about the midpoint of the bridge, took off his jacket and vest, reportedly said, "This is where I get off," and hopped from the railing. Since then approximately 1,558 people have jumped from...

  • Coke Sex for Teen Sluts

    Sometimes when a dick is inside me I can’t help but think about my family. I know that sounds totally gross, but I don’t mean it in, like, an incestuous way. My dad never fucked me or anything. I think it has more to do with guilt, you know, or I’m...

  • I Was a Corporate Tobacco Peddler

    You know that reoccurring dream you get where you feel so heavy and you’re trying to move or run but you’re not getting anywhere? And you scream for help, but your voice doesn’t make a sound? And everything is dark? That’s what it was like working at...

  • How to Sell Drugs

    We learned the secrets of a big-time NYC drug dealer—from how his crew operates to where he gets his dope.

  • How Would You Like to Die?

    New Yorkers have some pretty sick death fantasies. Personally, I'd like to be trampled by turtles.

  • How Do You Want to Die?

    Not everyone can die with my girlfriend, before you all start asking.

  • Vice Comics

    When I Die God Will Love Me Because...