dog days of yulin

  • Dog Meat Is Being Sold to Unwitting Tourists in Bali

    According to a recent report, vendors are brutally slaughtering dogs and then telling foreigners that the meat is chicken.

  • Ten Thousand Dogs and Cats Will Be Eaten This Weekend at China's Annual Dog Meat Festival

    One animal lover cashed in her savings to try and buy the animals before they hit the chopping block, but she can't possibly adopt them all.

  • Dog Days of Yulin

    In part two of Dog Days of Yulin, VICE attends a family feast to eat some home-cooked pup. As one Yulin local explains, "Some dogs are people's friends, and others are for food. In India, cows are sacred. If you eat cow in England, all of...

  • Dog Days of Yulin

    Southern China has always had a tradition of dining on dogs—people from other parts of the country even joke that Southerners will eat anything with legs but the dinner table.