Downton Abbey

  • Holy Shit, Diddy's Joining the Cast of Downton Abbey

    Diddy. PBS. Stuffiness. Downton Motherfuckin' Abbey. Midnight on the West Coast, 9PM on the East Coast.

  • Apes on a Gilded Treadmill

    The really tragic events at Downton Abbey are not Lady Cora’s miscarriage (brought about by the sinister, ever-machinating Miss O’Brien with a strategically placed bar of soap), or Bates’s unjust conviction for killing his wife (who ate a poisoned pie...

  • Nimrod Visits Downton Abbey

    Our misunderstood British friend visits the Season 3 press conference for 'Downton Abbey' to find out why there aren't any black or Asian people on the show. A woman we're pretty sure was Shirley MacLaine tells him that he asked the show's creators the...