• Deaf Comedy Jam

    Deaf comedy hasn’t had a lot going for it ever since black people ran it into the ground in the 90s.

  • Dubstep Dumbass Laser Cat: This Is the Most YouTube Video of All Time

    I just happened to be searching for "dumb cat" on YouTube when I came across this video. If YouTube ever becomes a member of the UN, this video would be its representative delegate. Let's just check off all the overused tropes it touches on:

  • The 4S Things That Are Better To Do Than Care About The iPhone 4S

    My iPhone is mostly destroyed. In fact, the glass on it is so mangled and shattered that I've cut myself on it three times. Obviously I need a new phone, but do I give a shit about the iPhone 4S? Only sort of. Here's the thing: I have the 4. A fine...

  • I Hate Fashion

    If you could see my feet-a blistered, corned, scarred mess of impenetrable calluses-you would wonder what the fuck is wrong with the brain of the girl attached to them.

  • The Best Academic Writing of 2004

    Every year (or maybe just this year and never again), VICE pledges a giant "hello" to the magna cum laude of America's high schools.