Emerald Triangle

  • Growing Greener Grass

    As marijuana cultivation outgrows its black market roots, the industry, consumers, scientists, regulators, and environmentalists have begun working together toward a more sustainable future.

  • I Got Fogged Up on Humboldt Cheese

    Humbolt Fog is the most coveted goat's milk tomme to come out of the Emerald Triangle, the lush landscape of northern California. It’s that dank, citrusy, velvety treat that melts in your mouth faster than a hit of E at a Spiritualized concert.

  • Your Weed Habit Could Be Killing Off California Salmon

    Not to make you come down off the high or anything, but in Northern California—where weed operations are booming—pot cultivation is drying up the creeks and streams where Coho salmon and steelhead trout swim.