employee of the month

  • Meet Some of the People Who Put Together the September Issue of VICE Magazine

    Writer Avi Davis, photographer David Severn, and more helped make our September issue.

  • AmirSaysNothing Ascends to a Blue Collar Angel in 'Employee Of The Month'

    Hear the LA-based rapper's new record, and read a conversation about dealing with shitty jobs and how to not be corny.

  • Employee Of The Month

    Rob Pruitt: I’m so honored. I haven’t the slightest idea how it happened. I thought my enormous number of coffee breaks might have disqualified me.

  • Employees Of The Month

    Jason has spent the last few months floating around the state of his alma mater, sleeping on people’s couches, and documenting whatever subjects catch his interest in between bread-and-butter freelancing for the New York Times, SLAP Magazine, and the...

  • Employees Of The Month

    We faced some serious obstacles when we decided to do a fashion shoot featuring custom-made merkins (aka pubic wigs) for this month’s issue. Have you ever asked a wigmaker to craft a vagina toupee for you?

  • Employee Of The Month - A Guy Who Works at Our Printing Press

    We've always wondered about the guys that print Vice. Up until now, all we really knew was that they're in a great big room somewhere in the frozen wasteland of Canada and that every 30 days or so, they ship us lots and lots of magazines.