Esther Pearl Watson

  • Snakes in the Hole

    The Blood Lady Commandos are two tough old ladies named Gayle and Phyllis and they are not allowed to come home until they win the war on drugs. In this adventure the BLCs plan a snake attack.

  • Pussy Winks Gets Crispy

    Phyllis and Gayle are the most jacked, ripped, and strongest U.S. Special Forces in Burma. The drug lord, Tiny Miracle, taunts them with a chance to relay a message.

  • Give Up Your Secrets!

    What if Rambo starred two nice old women instead of a greased up juice head? It would be this comic by award winning comic artist, college professor, and painter, Esther Pearl Watson.

  • Blood Lady Commandos

    Esther Pearl Watson, creator of the graphic novel series "Unloveable" is now doing a weekly comic for VICE! It's like a combination of The A-Team and The Golden Girls.