eye of the majestic creature

  • Whiskey for Dinner

    Leslie's having a bad day. Sorry, Leslie.

  • The Architect

    Leslie Stein is a master at revealing the true nature of the human soul while seemingly highlighting the mundane aspects of being alive. In this true-life adventure, Leslie is awakened by a drunken lost soul who she takes in and cares for.

  • Hawaii

    Leslie Stein makes diary comics about her real life. Here's what she's been feeling lately.

  • Teenage New Year's Eve

    Leslie Stein remembers being a teenager in the suburbs, when she would ring in the new year by going wherever had the most beer.

  • Holly Jolly Sabbath

    Leslie remembers past Christmases, including a Black Sabbath Christmas party with an upside down Christmas tree. It was festive!

  • Taking Manhattan - Part 2

    Leslie Stein continues her journey around the Big Apple. This week she discovers what it's like when you don't go to Manhattan very often and have the best day imaginable.