• This Creamy, Boozy Grasshopper Milkshake Comes with a Shot of Fernet

    A delicious synthesis of mint, chocolate, and booze, this Grasshopper is blended with vanilla ice cream for an incredibly rich, smooth texture and a hit of Fernet Branca to add a touch of bitter herbaceousness and level out all that sweet stuff.

  • Chugging Pear Juice Could Save You from Hangover Hell

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports that pears may actually be able to lower blood alcohol levels and mitigate the crippling effects of hangovers.

  • This Book Will Tell You the Best Way to Get Drunk Anywhere in America

    We spoke to Niki Ganong, author of The Field Guide to Drinking in America, about all of the weird and wonderful ways that America deals with its people getting wasted.

  • Drinking Like an Adult Involves More Than Self-Restraint

    Drinking alcohol like a grown-ass adult is hard. You're older, wiser, and overall a better person (hopefully). This is why the ban on Palcohol does not affect you.

  • Chef's Night Out: Ramen Tatsu-Ya

    We headed down to Austin, Texas—the unlikely location of one of the best ramen shops in the country—to hang out with the Ramen Tatsu-Ya crew, who took us out for pork liver pate, a 12-course tasting menu, brisket ramen, and lots of shots.

  • Chef's Night Out: Erik Anderson

    We hung out with Erik Anderson on one of his last nights as the chef at The Catbird Seat in Nashville. We restaurant hopped, drank a shit ton of Fernet, ate smoked bologna sandwiches, and drank more Fernet just for good measure.