Fiction Issue 2016

  • 'Undergrad'

    The narrator recounts six brushes with rape in college. In short troubling episodes, he describes things he heard and victims he met—both accuser and accused.

  • 'Hell,' a Short Story by Benjamin Nugent

    A professional interrogator teaches frat boys how to run a proper hell week.

  • 'Family Picnic,' a Short Story by Robert Coover

    A family takes a picnic in their new smart car. They are attacked by helicopters and have other troubles.

  • 'Job Market'

    A divorced man remembers the last days of his marriage, when he tried to convince his wife to get a job.

  • 'He Had Tried to Have His Testicles Removed on the NHS'

    A metaphysical meditation on the meaning of life, told in the form of the spiritual awakening of a man who wanted to be a woman in Britain.