Friday Thinks With Luke Winkie

  • Drake Endorsing Things

    Drake is but a specter in our life. He should be a spokesperson for everything. Here are some endorsements that we would like to see Drake make.

  • Better Music Writing through Sabermetric Analysis

    What if there was a sabermetric set of advanced-analytics to evaluate music on a true, mathematical level? Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do?

  • World of Warcraft Gear as Informed By Popular Musicians

    In order to make the game more appealing to people who aren't emotional shut-ins, Blizzard (World of Warcraft's developers) recently added a number of items to the game themed after popular musician of today. This is 100% true and factual.

  • 51 Names for Paris Hilton's New Young Money/Cash Money Album

    I snuck into Cash Money headquarters and managed to steal a few documents straight off of Birdman’s desk. You don’t need to know the details because they don’t fucking matter, all you need to know is we now have an EXCLUSIVE list of 51 potential titles fo

  • The Most "In Da Club" Moments of All Time

    “In Da Club” is a singular feeling; it can only be described as feeling “In Da Club,” or in an “In Da Club” mood. To help illustrate this particular strand of Zen, I’ve selected a few moments from world history that I think best illustrate the “In Da Club

  • Every Beach Boys Greatest Hits Album, Reviewed

    The Very, Very, Very Best of the Beach Boys Really Seriously Definitely.