Gary Indiana

  • Gary Indiana Has a New Show

    'Gristle Springs' is Gary's first show in over a decade. The long gap is at least partly due to the fact that he is and has always been far more concerned with the integrity of his work than making a buck or a friend.

  • My Big Fat Gay Wedding

    I have a column due today for VICE. No idea for it whatsoever. Tracey said I should just print the email I sent her this morning. J. said, "Oh just write about gay marriage, everybody else is." All right, I'll combine the two.

  • Puppet Horror

    Hitler is the only individual besides Jesus Christ to exert such unflagging fascination.

  • Implications of the Horse Meat Scandal

    I don't recall the exact wording of the note. It was tacked on a corkboard, obscured by notices and fliers, in a basement corridor of Otis Art School, when Otis was in the Wilshire District.

  • Apes on a Gilded Treadmill

    The really tragic events at Downton Abbey are not Lady Cora’s miscarriage (brought about by the sinister, ever-machinating Miss O’Brien with a strategically placed bar of soap), or Bates’s unjust conviction for killing his wife (who ate a poisoned pie...

  • Let’s Face It

    Writers are not generally celebrities, but I did have one delirious fan. He kept me on the telephone for hours every night, during a period when I was snorting heroin to cure my insomnia.