Getting Older

  • I Asked a Psychic Medium to Contact the Golden Girls

    I think we all want to know what the stars of The Golden Girls are up to in the afterlife, so I contacted a psychic medium to help me get some insight—and tell me that Rue McClanahan is wearing a sexy nurse's outfit in Heaven.

  • Happy Birthday, Fashion Cat

    While the Blobby Boys are away, the Fashion Cat will play. In this episode, Fashion Cat is in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, when he discovers that he will never be cool again.

  • Hearing the Spurs

    As I age, my ear is retuning itself; I can finally hear something other than “ugh” watching the San Antonio Spurs play, which is cool, except how it parallels suddenly finding a 'Rod Stewart Sings the Standards' record soulful and great.

  • A Day in the Life of an Alzheimer's Caregiver

    My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about three years ago. After an extended stay at the hospital and stints in two different rest homes, my mom brought him home to care for him herself. There is an unseen routine in the lives of most home caregivers...

  • How to Ruin a High School Reunion

    These events aren't depressing because you're shallow, self-pitying, lazy, or fat. It’s those things, plus all the mistakes made in the planning of the reunions. If we can work together to stop doing the following, we might make revisiting puberty...

  • World of Warcraft Creator Turns 20: A Look Back

    ... but you're still not old enough to drink - sorry!