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  • Why Does Everyone Love Chocolate So Much?

    I went on a voyage to find out.

  • Getting High on Chocolate

    Anti-chef Jo Fuertes-Knight explores the growing trend of people using raw chocolate to "align the heart chakra" and go on an "inwards journey."

  • Celebrity Discharge - Tenth Birthday Special

    Billie Porter and a panel of former VICE stars talk about all the things you never cared about.

  • Apocalyptic Dinner for One

    You're not going to be able to get a cheap bucket of chicken from KFC when most of the population has been horribly radiated to death, so you'd better get yourself acquainted with those scary, doesn't-even-have-a-sell-by-date foods at the back of your...

  • We're Nominated for Some Lovies

    Vote for us!

  • Filipino Blood Stew

    Although I'm a proud half-Filipina, the cuisine has always left me wondering "WTF"?! So to conquer my fears and appease my mother, I decided to tackle some of their weirder dishes.

  • Vegan Meat Feast Pizza

    I realized vegans are always super grumpy because they've been deprived the pleasures of junk food. So I made a big slab of vegan comfort food that won't leave them alone with a rumbling tummy while all their animal-eating pals are out stuffing their...

  • Drunken Jerk Chicken Patty

    London's West Indian Notting Hill Carnival is the best. Its only downside (apart from all the crime, LOL!) is the overpriced food that's sold to white people with cultural guilt. So, every year I like to whip up a portable jerk chicken patty and save...

  • Cornershop Cocktails

    Who says you can't get crunk on cavity-inducing hooch too?

  • Olympic Energy Nachos

    To keep up with all the high-octane Olympics watching you'll be doing on your sofa that stinks of cigs, Doritos, and spilt Guinness, here's a tasty take on the TV treat that is nachos. Only these are jam-packed with all the magic medicines that...

  • Fake Cheese Cheesecake

    A dairy extravaganza that'll put your after-dinner cheeseboard to shame.

  • Mini Fried Chicken Hors d'Oeuvres

    Dirty fried chicken doesn't have to be from Popeye's at 3 AM on a Friday night.