• MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland - Episode 5

    Charlet ends her Scottish food odyssey in Aberdeen, where a group of oil rig workers take her out and get her smashed on jelly shots the night before heading to the Highland Games.

  • MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland - Episode 1

    Welcome to Scotland! Join us on a waist-expanding journey of Irn-Bru pulled pork, Buckfast ice cream, square sausages, 3000 calorie Munchy Boxes, and dumplings made with granny's knickers.

  • MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland - Trailer

    Take a sneak peak at our MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland, where our esteemed host Charlet Duboc leads us on an intoxicating, waist-expanding, eye-opening culinary journey around Scotland.

  • The USDA Doesn't Want Us to Eat Lungs

    There's a USDA ban on one of the key ingredients in Scotland's national dish, haggis, which has kept it from American plates for 40 years. If he weren't dead, Robert Burns would be pissed.

  • How-To: Make Haggis

    Ben Reade, a native Scotsman and the head of culinary research and development at the Nordic Food Lab, walks us through the labor of lamb love.

  • How to Make Haggis

    Haggis, a warm, savory pudding filled with sheep's innards, is the dish of choice for celebrating Burns Day, the Scottish holiday honoring Scotland's beloved poet, Robert Burns. We asked our friends at the Nordic Food Lab to show us to make it.

  • Hoots Mon! It's Haggis Time!

    Och aye, Jimmeh! Is there anything more satisfying in life than a wee dram and a haggis after a hard day's kilt-wearing and Sassenach-hating?

  • Offal the Menu

    One of the main delicacies on Barra is black pudding. It’s a tasty sausage of blood, fat and oats. We met a fisherman called Stu and his brother in-law Ian and they told us, over about 15 whiskies, how best to make it. That and another delicacy, sheep...