• I Went on a Hash-Making Holiday in Northern Morocco

    Morocco is said to produce nearly half of the world's hashish, and it's estimated that around 800,000 Moroccans work in the industry. For this and many more reasons, the country is toying with the idea of legalization.

  • Afghanistan's Carpet Loomers Are Feeding Their Kids Hashish

    Poverty drives both the carpet and drug business. Husbands tend to be farmers, working long hours in the fields. The only income opportunity for women, who are not able to work anywhere but their homes, is carpet making. But who takes care of the...

  • Michael Muhammad Knight vs. Hamza Yusuf

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve had to spend a lot of time thinking about Hamza Yusuf. In a recent academic article, Mahdi Tourage places Hamza Yusuf and myself at opposite ends on the spectrum of white male converts: Yusuf represented the shining white...

  • What It's Like Being Ambushed in Stands of Afghan Hash

    This video is brutal in a concussively claustrophobic sort of way.