Holy Fuck

  • Holy Fuck Had a Busy Four Years

    Think what a song about your last four years would be like: moving house a million times, the last episode of Breaking Bad, maybe a sibling pumped out a couple of kids.

  • Premiere: BB Guns - Pennie Lane

    We’re happy to debut this brand new summery tune from Toronto’s own indie quintet, the BB Guns. Their punked-up, 60s surf-rock sound is the kind of music that makes you want to go grab a zillion beers, head to the beach, and finish your pack of cigarettes

  • The Noisey Canada Show: Fucked Up's Long Winter

    Over here at VICE Canada HQ, we're more than thrilled to announce the premiere of our new show for Noisey, simply titled Noisey Canada. In this brand new, first ever episode, we visited a carnival of art, technology, conversation, and music that Fucked...

  • Holy Shit, "Harlem Shake" is the Number-One Song in the Country

    "Harlem Shake" is the 21st song to debut at number-one on the Hot 100, following Katy Perry's "Part of Me."