How-To Season 1

  • How-To: Make Brick Chicken

    Liza Queen, chef/owner of a bunch of now-closed cult restaurants, teaches us how to make brick chicken. The secret ingredients: butter, salt, butter, and more butter.

  • How-To: Make the Perfect Cheeseburger

    Matty Matheson breaks down the science and technique of burger making, and shows us what separates the real deals from the fakes out there.

  • How-To: Grill a Rib-Eye

    Chef Jesse Griffiths of Austin's Dai Due Butcher Shop and Supper Club teaches us how to perfectly grill a ribeye steak so we can have something to eat while we drink cheap ass beer and watch fireworks this weekend.

  • How-To: Make Moose Meat Marinade with Thom Beers

    Thom Beers shows us how to make a marinade for all those moose steaks we have lying around. Turns out, moose tastes pretty good.

  • How-To: Make Roasted Scallops with Michael Teich

    Michael Teich shows us how to make badass roasted scallops this summer so we can stop boring our friends with overcooked grilled salmon.

  • How-To: Make a Ramos Gin Fizz

    Portland Bartender Sean Hoard shows chef Lee Tiernan how to make a quintessential classic cocktail, the Ramos Gin Fizz, a frothy concoction of egg whites, sugar, and cream that involves so much shaking, the process will give anyone great biceps. Enjoy.