Huang's World Season 2

  • Huang's World: New York, Part 3

    In the final installation of our New York episode, Eddie shows us a day in his life around downtown Manhattan, featuring friends and family from various aspects of his life.

  • Huang's World: New York, Part 2

    Eddie goes to White Brooklyn for a look at Momo Sushi, Bushwick Food Co-op, and Peter Luger's, where he enjoys a wine-laden meal with VICE's own Shane Smith to talk Brooklyn.

  • Huang's World: New York, Part 1

    Eddie hits the Bronx, where he and WorldStarHipHop star Loopy hit up local bodegas, chow down on a Japanese-Dominican plantain mash-up, and indulge in mani-pedis.

  • Huang's World: Chengdu, Part 3

    Eddie learns the subtleties of Sichuan cooking from master chef Yu, visits the sculpture factory of artist Deng Le, and climbs into a treehouse parlor to discover Taiwanese tea-pouring.

  • Huang's World: Chengdu, Part 2

    We head to China's Dead Sea Resort, where Eddie lightens up with a refreshing salt burial, swims in one of the world's most crowded swimming pools, and samples baby pig dick.

  • Huang's World: Chengdu, Part 1

    In the season finale of Huang's World, Eddie—The Human Panda— discovers that pandas watch panda porn, hangs with hip hop pioneer DJ SuperBestFriend, and eats pig brain ma po tofu.

  • Huang's World: Shanghai, Part 3

    Eddie spends his final day in the city eating breakfast dumplings, going undercover at a bootleg mall, and enjoying classic Chinese-American food in Shanghai.

  • Huang's World: Shanghai, Part 2

    Eddie explores the city with food writer Jenny Gao. He starts his day with poop-infused coffee, throws down in an old-fashioned cook-off, and discusses modern food culture in China.

  • Huang's World: Shanghai, Part 1

    Eddie ventures into the heart of the city where he meets street vendor Qiuxiang Wang, grabs a midnight snack at a popular night market, and gets a glimpse into city life for locals.

  • Huang's World: London, Part 3

    Eddie travels around the city with youth media organization Fully Focused. He then joins in for Jerk Friday, where he munches on homemade jerk chicken and speculates about the secret ingredient.

  • Huang's World: London, Part 2

    Eddie takes us around the East End to have breakfast with former gangster Dave Courtney, get romantic with a sexy British photographer, and discuss the global phenomenon of "hipsterdom."

  • Huang's World: London, Part 1

    Eddie heads to Brick Lane, where he chows down on some tikka masala with a British twist. He then tries his hand at a game of cricket and digs into the lasting effects of British colonization.