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  • Do Bigger Chicken Cages Do More Harm Than Good?

    California is following in the EU's footsteps by passing a new law requiring egg farmers to end cruel battery-farming conditions. But not all farmers are wild about the idea of converting their existing facilities.

  • Vegetarians Who Eat Fish Are Actually Onto Something

    I've never understood why certain vegetarians think it's OK to eat fish until I realized that fish brains look like beans, and lack the developed neocortex that makes them incapable of pain.

  • Our Obsession with "No Kill" Shelters Might Be Harming Animals

    A shelter isn't a pound; it's a place where animals can stay forever, right? A recent lawsuit in Maryland is the latest event bucking the trend by painting a picture of a shelter manager's no-kill obsession that led to alleged acts of unthinkable...

  • What’s So Bad About Cockfighting Again?

    Obviously, cockfighting is a barbaric blood sport. But is it that big of a problem compared to, say, chicken factory farms? Do we really want to send people to jail for it? And when did America start giving a shit about chickens?