• One of the First Victims of US Torture Is Now Missing in Afghanistan

    The fate of Redha al-Najar — a Tunisian man who was repeatedly tortured during more than 13 years in US custody — remains a mystery after the US handed him over to the Afghan government.

  • The Architect (Extra Scene 1)

    VICE News went kayaking on the Myakka River with Dr. James Mitchell, the architect of the CIA's enhanced interrogation program, to talk about this week's Senate report.

  • The Scientists Trying to End Torture

    A collection of research has been published to improve interrogation techniques and outline ethical best practices for the US government.

  • What We Can Learn From Hicks vs. Brandis

    David Hicks, a former detainee of Guantanamo Bay, heckled Federal Attorney-General George Brandis at a Human Rights Award ceremony in Sydney.

  • The Architect: VICE News Interviews James Mitchell

    In his first on-camera interview, Dr. James Mitchell, the alleged architect of the CIA's enhanced interrogation program, speaks with VICE News about waterboarding, radical Islam, and what he was asked to do after 9/11.

  • A Brief History of Acid Spikings

    That Florida family who bought Walmart steaks with acid in them just found out they'll probably never find the culprit. Stories about involuntary LSD trips rarely end well, or even cleanly.