into the weird

  • The US Monster Islands

    This week, my therapist suggested I should wait to start dating again. I had only been single and sober for a brief period of time, and she thought I should focus on myself before I let new people into my life. I considered following my therapist’s...

  • My New Roommate Is a Ghost

    When I tried to set up a wifi in my new apartment, an internet service provider's customer service representative said I couldn't, because there was already an existing account in my apartment. I called my super, and he said the previous tenant had...

  • The Year My Volcano Exploded

    In retrospect, I shouldn’t be surprised I broke up with my boyfriend the same week I got a tattoo of a goddess holding a severed man's head in her hand. This change was a long time coming.

  • This Must Be the Place

    Waking up from the night of destruction that made me decide to get sober, I was surprised I was alive. After I got over my hangover, I was excited about sobriety. So was my partner, so were my friends. But we were ignorant about what my recovery meant.

  • Taco Bell and Broken Hymens

    My relationship with Brad started at Taco Bell. Taco Bell was a big part of our love. Fast food was a huge aspect of my relationship with Brad in general. For example, after Brad broke my hymen, we decided to go to the Waffle House. This is when our...

  • A Prayer for Wild Pussy Cats and Island Girls

    I originally got my Tennessee Williams tattoo as a prayer for myself. As I become healthier and stronger, I see the tattoo as a prayer for others. All the pretty pussycats of the world curled up in a cage waiting for some nice human to come along and...