Italian cuisine

  • This Chef Is Serving a Japanese-Italian Breakfast for Dinner

    “As far as Japanese being very simple and delicate, and Italian being very simple but very rustic and robust in flavor, I feel they intermingle very well," says Orsa & Winston's chef Josef Centeno.

  • Why This Chef Puts Seawater in His Pizza Dough

    “This way of cooking comes from the Italian fisherman,” says Italian-born London chef Mauro Palomba. “They would just scoop up some seawater and use that in place of normal water. There's something so simple and natural about it.”

  • Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is a Family Affair

    The difference between traditional balsamic and the stuff you find at the grocery store is years, at least 12 of them. And ingredients. Traditional vinegar is made only with must (fresh grape juice).